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In india people use phones while riding they become very smart and put phone between helmet and talk which is very dangerous practice because might phone slip away and to get it

you might face accident so to prevent accidents samsung introduced s-bike app which will help to reduce road accidents in india.

The samsung j3 comes with inbuilt sbike app make you feel safe while riding. The Samsung  j3 comes with pre-installed ' sbike app'. It has three feautures :

1. NFC Tag
Tap on nfc tag to activate s-bike mode

2. Urgent Call Filter
Once activated then everyone will get to know that you are riding. In urgent calls the rider will get notified.

3. Motion Lock
In this feature the rider able to take call when it will very urgent.

The app has Near Field Communication( NFC ) tag which will notify the caller that you are riding or whom someone is calling is riding and sends an automated message to the caller that rider is ux znable to take calls at the moment. In the case of emergency, the caller can bypass the system by pressing 1 which will unmute incoming calls

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Posted On 14-05-2016 12:21pm

Author suraj bhan pandey