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Nowadays we cannot survive without petrol. it became need of common man of india. I have seen almost every petrol pump employee, owners and involved in cheating to customers. Read Below tricks which I was able to understand, in most cases I was victim what I have learned by cheated
Deviation :- (Involvement of two employees ) :- When your turn comes you open the tank lock of your bike/scooty at that same movement the person standing close to you to collect money (2nd person) will say something to you just to deviate like where are going sir or what a nice shirt... bike nayi hai kya... bag acha lag raha hai.. Hi Sir we have a lottery ticket…bla bla anything like that and usually you respond with a short discussion. But at that moment you respond then fist person will start filling petrol and you will not able to see meter whether it was zero or not. Scam is done. Meter/machine will show 5 Litres but you never know how much is actually in you tank.
1. Always check zero, even when the petrol pump is overcrowded or not.
2. Whenever second guy try to talk to you at petrol pump, just IGNORE that man and keep looking at machine.
next time be alert when you go to petrol pump

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Posted On 17-02-2016 07:14am

Author suraj bhan pandey