LML MODELS4 Models Found

LML which is a abbreviation of Lohia Machines Ltd. LML was formed in 1972. The primary business of LML Company was to produce industrial machinery for fibre industry. Later on, LML entered into other activities like processing, manufacturing leather and synthetic yarn. LML Joined Hands with Piaggio which is an Italian manufacturer of scooter, after which it started production and marketing of 100cc MBGS vehicles. LML turned into scooter manufacturing company. In 1987, it was renamed as LML Ltd and in 1990, LML solely involved in the sale and manufacturing of gear scooters. LML company that has fully changed scooter industry in India. To make it possible, Piaggio collaboration has played a vital role. At present, LML Ltd is in partnership with Korean company Dealim and partnership has helped the LML to enter motorcycle industry. LML has brought up Freedom in the Motorcycle market in India.