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Hero Hastur
4 lakh - 5 lakh

08-09-2016 03:51am Mayank Sharma
Hero Passion Pro iSmart Launching Soon

Heromotocorp is going to upgrade its bike models to i3S technology and some new colours, no…

02-09-2016 11:24am Mayank Sharma
Heromotocorp to launch new dawn series with 100 125 and 150cc

A Year Old, Youtube Video, revealed that heromotocorp is going to launch new dawn series 100,…

16-07-2016 08:12am Sharvan Thakur
Hero motocorp launched new splendor ismart 110

Hero motocorp has launched advanced version of existing hero splendor ismart

hero bikes india
Hero is one of largest two-wheeler manufacturer in india. Hero Motocorp Ltd formerly known as Hero Honda is an Indian motorcycle industry and scooter manufacturer based in New Delhi, India. The company is the largest two wheeler manufacturer in India. In India, it has a market share of about more than 46% share in 2-wheeler category. Hero Honda started in 1984 as a joint venture between Hero Cycles (Known as Hero Motocorp) of India and Honda of Japan.
Thus Hero-Honda was formed and it started manufacturing of Indian two-wheeler like never before. it introduced cd100 in 100cc segment and then launched hero honda splendor in early 1990’s. The Hero honda Splendor the highest selling commuter motorcycle in the country after that Hero family included the HF Dawn and the Passion. Hero Motocorp was first motorcycle to be sold in India to which was offering disc brakes. It followed that by introducing the Karizma which was revered by motorcycle enthusiasts throughout the country.