23-08-2016 04:41am Mayank Sharma
DSK Motowheels is become the fastest superbike selling brand in india

Benelli has sold out 3,000 units motorcycle in India and become fastest super bike selling…

Benelli is an Italian motorcycle company acquired by a Chinese two wheeler company Qianjiang group. In India DSK Benelli has under gone through a partnership with the Chinese auto giant and formed a company Now known as "DSK Benelli". The Company is launching 5 sports bikes together in the March month. The DSK Benelli included TNT 302, TNT 600 GT, TNT 600i, TNT 899 and TNT R (1130). Among the 5 models introduced in India, the 4- cylinder TNT 600i is the cheapest one in line 4 motorcycle available in the country. The Italian brand will get the established sales and service facilities of DSK Benelli Group where they will assemble the Great bikes which will be imported as CKD units.